Deshashakthi, Deshabandu,Vishva Guptha,
Jayampathi Arachchige Gamini Ananda Mahanilamethuma
1000 Housing Project.

As I was born to a Buddhist family in Galthanna, Kandy I had deep beliefs towards my religion and I was use to spend a peaceful religious life. As time passed unexpectedly I felt a change in my life. I understood that I got blessed with a spirit which was very powerful. After some time I realized that I was blessed with the Holy Spirit of Sri Maha Badrakali goddess and I got that privilege as a result of a huge good karma I have done in my previous birth. With the sanctified that day onwards I have been helping the poor with every possible way and I have give my strength for them to overcome with their problems. I spend a simple life and I am currently enjoying the same simple life style with the determination of helping others. I have shared a bit of my personal life through my web site to others to read and I hope this will help others to make their life success. I wish May your life fulfill with all the happiness, good health, long life with the blessings and protection of Sri Maha Badrakali goddess.
I have construct houses for those who live without houses with their families and facing to lots of troubles. With the great attitude of helping others I started those projects and finally I have completed building 200 houses and I have already donated them to poor people with the equipment’s they need for their day today life. I wish to establish more houses in future as well.
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Donating Books and School Accessories for the school children

Children are the most precious asset in the world. Therefore it is our responsibility to enlighten their future by fulfilling their requirements. Annually I have been providing books and school accessories for the children around the country for the past 15 years and I wish to continue it in the future as long as I can. It is a great pleasure for me to help the children and I think I got this opportunity as a benefit of the good karma I have done in my previous births.
Renovation of Temples and Religious Places

I got these opportunities to involve in all social works because of my beliefs in Lord Buddha and my religion. Therefore my faith is that religion is the most significant impression in our life. I have already given my contribution on constructing around 300 religious places and I expect to endure construting more in future.
Donating Dry rations and Rice Stacks

I oftenly offer dry rations and rice stacks for the families with low income. It is a massive
support to the people lives in rural areas in the country.
Liberating Cows who are destined to Death

I was a vegetarian from my childhood. Cow is a gift of nature as well as an innocent creature. I started saving the valuable lives of animals since I was a child. I’m proud to say that up to now I have saved more than 670 lives of cows whom were meant to death. My plan is to liberate at least 36 cows annually.
Providing Roofing Sheets and Water Projects

I have seen houses made with paddy and clay without proper shelter and also people who doesn’t have a single drop of water to drink in my journey around the country specially in North and East. As a result I started donating roofing sheets and supply water for the poor. I have decided to wide these social works to help people in future.
Facing to the challengers with the unwavering effort and understanding of 8 nirvana’s the Chief priest of the Kandy Galthanne Sri Maha Badrakali Amman Maha Dewalaya, “Desha Shakthi Desha Bandu Wishva Guptha Speacialized Guptha veteran Honorable emperor Gamini Ananda is going to host his official web site on 22nd November with the great determination of helping people who are in need.
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